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Our mission is simple: make our customers our best and most loyal brand ambassadors by making products they love. We will never depart from selling our products at a sensible and intelligent price, and we will relish the challenge of producing an ever increasing range of products fitting those ideals.

Welcome to a new world of British fine fragrance for men.

Gruhme No.14


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Strong, sophisticated and contemporary.

Uplifting citrus notes married to a woody base and patchouli heart. A refreshing and masculine blend made with 14% fine fragrance, developed and made here in the UK.

Gruhme No.14 is our best-selling intense version of our popular original scent (also available in our shop).

£45.00 for 100ml

Shave Kit


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Original Fragrance


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No imitation. No nonsense.

An extraordinary amount of effort and attention goes into our brand image and our products, creating something to be enjoyed.

We are not about achieving second best, we are about being unique, alternative and interesting. We are about achieving sophistication through simplicity.