First Date Rules – Tips for men!

First date rules, now at some point or another you’re going to go on a date with someone that you want to impress, so let me help you.

So you have asked a girl out on a date, and she’s said yes, now you are feeling unstoppable. However, this was just stage one, she may have said yes, but now you have to win her over on that first date. You know when people say ‘ First impressions aren’t everything’ Well in this situation they are, you have to make sure she goes home after that date thinking, ‘ I wonder when the next one is?’

So to do this I’m going to give you some tips to guide you on your path into executing your first date to precision.

Arrogance VS Confidence

Now when you first meet a girl, you want to seem confident, you want to make sure you stand out. However, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance and you can quickly cross over and that’s where you can all go wrong. The minute you start throwing around arrogance that’s where the girl can quickly be turned off, they can quickly pick up you’re being cocky. You have to make sure you have the right attitude, having the right attitude can make a first date go so much more smoothly, make sure you keep your cool. That way you know you have the second date secured.


Manners are so important, you should have them all the time, but especially on that first date. Doing things like opening the door, letting her walk in first, opening the car door. So keep the manners high and don’t do anything stupid. I once saw a man go on a date and use the napkin on the table to blow his nose, only to leave the snotty tissue on the tablet… So keep your dinner etiquette at a high level and make sure you come across as a gentleman.

It’s not an interview:

Okay, when you go on a first date you want to get to know each other, so that involves a fair amount of questions but take it at a steady pace, do not ask her a million and one questions, and keep firing them at her before then even reply. You have to make sure you keep relaxed, give her the time to reply to the questions you ask.

Go somewhere new:

DO NOT GO TO YOUR LOCAL, I’m going to repeat that, when you take a girl out, especially on the first date do not go to your local pub. Go somewhere new, somewhere you both haven’t been. Try somewhere new, that way you can both experience and remember it as a first date experience. Also, I’ve seen it first hand a couple went out to a place I knew and you could clearly see they were on a first date, but every second person that walked past knew the guy and wanted to have a chat, you need to make sure you are giving her your full attention.

The past is the past:

We all have a history with ex girlfriends, some we have ended on good terms some you never want to talk to again. But when you are on first date you should NEVER, and I repeat NEVER  bring up ex girlfriends, they should never be brought up and the girl doesn’t want to hear about them. The problem is if you start talking about ex girlfriends on the first date she will immediately feel that you are still attached and you don’t want that.

Don’t go full romeo:

Now a girl loves romance, and loves the guy being romantic, but this is your first date not your wedding day, so keep your inner romeo at bay. In addition do not say the ‘L’ word. Do not say love, this will most likely scare her off and then you have pretty much ruined the date.

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