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"energising, uplifting and striking-but-subtle enough to make a great first impression" September 2016
High Street Gent
"Gruhme continues to grow" August 2016
"Gruhme signs luxury retail deal" August 2016
The Foxley Docket
"Moreish in its appeal, Gruhme No.14 cites ‘Wear it all day, every day’, an ideology it’s difficult to disagree with." August 2016
What Maff Said
"It has a delicious scent, the bottle looks amazing and it performs really well." July 2016
Lovely Style
"perfect to wear it all day, everyday, during any occassion and any place." July 2016
The Foxley Docket
"...using only UK suppliers, remaining true to their British roots, and accepting no compromises in the search for the finest ingredients." July 2016
Cascade of Colour
"it’s definitely my favourite fragrance at the moment and one I will use for years to come." July 2016
The Sunday Times
"I would like to see if we can use this as an opportunity and strengthen ties with America." - Rob Hallmark July 2016
The Spa Man
"It’s a long-lasting fragrance that works well day and night" June 2016
Style Birmingham
"Gruhme Welcome A Full House At Bank100 Club" June 2016
High Street Gent
"The frangrances and further products highlight the attention to the finer details " June 2016
"Success for Bank100 networking event" June 2016
“From the first spray, I was struck by the freshness of the head notes” June 2016
"You’ll be more than surprised at the long-lasting aroma, quality and smooth spray of Gruhme’s No.14 fine British fragrance." June 2016
Above The Ankles
"Everything Gruhme do seems to be at a high standard." June 2016
The Tweed Pig
"The scent lingers, but does not outstay its welcome." June 2016
Jay Wicks
"An absolutely top quality fragrance." June 2016
"They really care about attention to detail, and offering something different to an overcrowded unpersonal market." June, 2016
Stephan Matthews
Our founder and CEO, Robert Hallmark, answers "Stephan's Six" June 2016
My Mummy Spam
"It is such a wearable scent and not overwhelming like a lot of fragrances tend to be." May 2016
The Foxley Docket
“Gruhme is a brand that has its own distinct way of going about things and a commitment to bringing that approach to those people who appreciate the finer details.” May 2016
The Male Stylist
"This is a truly refined men’s fragrance that lasts all day" May 2016
Stephan Matthews
"You're aware that these fresh notes are fading over time but they're gently taken over by a woody amber, and the transition is seamless" May 2016
UK Business Forums
"Startup Snapshot: The new business that smells like a hot prospect" May 2016
The Gentleman's Grooming Show
"The scent is fresh, masculine and definitely what I would consider a perfect fit for the modern Gentleman." April 2016
His Habits
"I genuinely can’t compare it to anything I’ve smelt on the market. It’s masculine and elegant, but also quite fresh and clean." April 2016
The Candy Perfume Boy
"Gruhme No.14 strikes me as an incredibly versatile fragrance." April 2016
La Vida
"Their truly brilliant creations infuse the dark sophisticated aesthetic of the modern gentleman, with delicious and sensual scents which create a perfect concoction found in each and every one of their UK-made products." April 2016
Jordan Bunker
"It also lasts for the whole day, bonus!" March 2016
Deluxe Magazine
"Their latest product, the Gruhme reed diffuser, has already been adopted by several luxury hotels and a michelin star restaurant." March 2016
Midlands Business News
"The company is going from strength to strength with several stockists across the country, from London to Edinburgh." March 2016
Style Birmingham
"The team at Gruhme are more than thrilled to have been chosen as their winning fragrance in the 2016 Beauty Shortlist Men’s Grooming category." March 2016
Mr John Wharff
"think sensual, sharp and inviting." March 2016
Men's Lifestyle
"You know you’re onto a winner." Februrary 2016
Men Style Fashion
"Gruhme needs to be known and worn by men all over the world." January 2016
Dad Blog UK
"This is a scent that gets you noticed. I like it a lot." January 2016
James Vincent
"In my professional opinion, this spicy citrus infused Eau De Toilette is what every man needs at his disposal" January 2016
"... excellent scent and a masculine yet sophisticated design." December 2015
The Grooming Guide
"Gruhme’s approach to making No.14 is one we can really get on board with." December 2015
Dluxe Magazine
"A modern, uplifting and extraordinarily wearable male scent." December 2015
Men Style Fashion
"The fragrance was powerful in nature and felt deeper than other fragrances..." November 2015
The Grooming Guru
"Delightfully fresh, crisp and spicy" October 2015
"it is a fabulous smelling product" October 2015
Menswear Style
"It is sophistication and simplicity at its very best." October 2015
Grey Fox
"This one is exceptional in being truly subtle and masculine" October 2015
"A fresh, uplifting and versatile scent"
The Rakish Gent
"The fresh and versatile scent is an especially concentrated aroma that is sure to impress those around you for its uniqueness" October 2015
Michael 84
"It will set you apart from the crowd." October 2015
The Asian Today
"Gruhme is an exciting new men's fragrance that meets all the criteria of a great Christmas gift." October 2015
Gay Times
"The complex scent is fresh and uplifting, but understated and gentlemanly" June 2015
"Rob’s top tips for setting up in business" February 2015
"Trust us, it's superb." January 2014