Social Media and Start Ups

Examining the world of start ups and social media

We recently featured in the blog by leading UK social media agency, JC Social Media. The article talks about how many new brands and businesses prefer to “fake it, till they make it”. Gruhme was chosen by the agency as an example of a brand that is not following that approach, and, instead, is just open and honest in its portrayal of its online presence and the journey behind the brand. And we like to agree. Afterall if we grow faster than we can afford or we rave too much about products that are not yet perfected, how can we expect to build and gain your trust as we build and improve. We are an ambitious brand, but we are also aware there is a long journey ahead of us. We rely on our sales for growth and so we have to be patient. However, we know that as we gradually build our loyal following and as we keep updating and upgrading our offering we will be able to fulfil those lofty ambitions of being a leading male fragrance and lifestyle brand. Please have a read of their blog here: