Dandy Clash has taken a closer look at the habits of British men and put all the data into this awesome infographic. Certainly a few surprising facts there!


Guys, we are a funny breed and thanks to Dandy Clash and their very interesting infographic we now get a better picture of ourselves and our weird habits. I present to you; UK Men in Facts & Stats. Enjoy!

Let’s kick this of by looking at our spending habits. First thing that caught my eye was the fact that men spend more money on online shopping than women! Who would have thought? But then again, we also spend almost £300 on jewellery each year on our wives. Probably so we won’t feel as guilty about spending so much money on ourselves.

This is an interesting one. On a night out men spend an average of £126.42 at least once a month, more than three times as much as the average women. Is that because we are being a gentleman and picking up the bill at the end of the night?

Spending uk men infographic

So where do we get this money from? 2.5 million of us work more than 48 hours a week. And we earn an average of £30,951.

Employment UK men infographic


Looking back at our online shopping habits it is probably no surprise that men spend an average of £660 per year on their wardrobes compared to a £612 annual spend by women. Actually, it is quite surprising. You would have thought that maybe we bought more tech and gadgets etc, however the numbers don’t lie! Women spend a lot more on toiletries though. Make up is expensive! So I’ve been told anyway.

Fashion and Grooming UK Men infographic


Plastic surgery isn’t just for women. Around 10% of the procedures are performed on men. And rhinoplasty a.k.a. nose job is the top surgical procedure for men.

We can’t talk about the male body without talking about the penis. Guys, get the rulers out. The average erect male penis length is 5.5-6.3 inches.

Body UK Men infographic


Smoothly moving on from penises to sex and relationships. The average man has sex 4.9 times per month, and between the ages of 16 and 44 we have an average of 11.7 sexual partners. Please spare a thought for all the single guys still looking for the love of their lives. Don’t give up my friend, there is one for everyone! Depending on your age, you might find comfort in the fact that the average age at first marriage in England is Wales is 32.

This next paragraph is a more serious one. Did you know 2.5 million men have no close friends? That is immensely sad. Absolutely everyone should have at least one close friend who is there for you through thick and thin, through heartache and happiness. No one likes being alone, so next time you go with your mates, ask that new, quiet guy from the office to join you. And every now and then ask your friends how they are doing, and don’t take “fine” for an answer. Show that you care.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in too man homes, but you probably didn’t know that 1 in 3 domestic abuse victims are male!

Relationships UK Men infographic


Just to make this post even more depressing, let’s move on to the leading causes of death for men. They are heart disease (15.6%), lung cancer (7.0%), Emphysema/bronchitis (6.0%), stroke (5.9%) and dementia & Alzheimer’s (5.8%). However for men aged 20-45 the single biggest cause of death is suicide.

1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer at some point int heir lives, so make sure you check yourself regularly!

Health UK men infographic


Below are the top 10 men’s magazines. Fun fact: Gruhme has been seen in 5 of those!

Media UK men statistics infographic


Do you do any sports? Considering that 67% of men are overweight or obese and the leading cause of death is heart disease you definitely should… Yes, you’re probably watching sport on a daily basis like 61% of us, but that does not improve your fitness.

90% of British men fake their love of sports to impress their friends and colleagues. I told you we are a funny breed!

Sports statistics UK men infographic


We are getting bigger! in 1954, a typical british male was just over 5ft 7in tall weighing 11st 6lbs. However, today the average man is 5ft 9in and weighs 1st 6lbs. We have grown two inches and gained one stone! A bit worrying, don’t you think?

What has improved since 1954 is gender equality in the home. 29% of men don’t mind taking the sole responsibility for cooking and 36% of British men said that the achievement that would make them the most proud would be cooking a restaurant quality meal at home. Nothing impresses your date more than a good home cooked meal! Furthermore, a whopping 88% of parents agreed that the role of fathers had changed rapidly over the last generation with 47% of fathers feeling they should do more.

Going back to the fact that 67% of men are overweight or obese, it is interesting to see that 69% would give up alcohol forever in return for a perfect body. Maybe because when asked which part of their body they are most unhappy with, 50% of men said their beer bellies.

Personal statistics uk men infographic


To finish this post off, let’s have a quick look at our top 10 fears. It is interesting that death and old age are both so high up on the list. I know the thought of death can be terrifying, but there is absolutely no way of avoiding it, so I’m not going to waste any energy fearing it. And why on earth do people fear old age! It’s like one group is afraid of dying and the other group is afraid of not dying. What is your biggest fear?

Top 10 Fears UK men infographic


I hope this has been an interesting read, and hopefully you have learnt a thing or two. As always, comments and feedback is very much appreciated. And feel free to share this with your friends on the internet.