What does your fragrance say about you?

Today’s modern man not only takes the way the he looks seriously, he also takes the invisible element of scent seriously as a portrayal of his overall style.

The male fragrance market is big business with literally hundreds of brands to choose from so when contemplating a fragrance, it’s no good just picking any old bottle off the display shelf. What you should be doing is thinking carefully as to how your scent is going to represent you.

As with your clothes, shoes and wardrobe in general, your fragrance says a lot about you so it’s important to get it right. Your fragrance can have an enormous effect on how people perceive you and how they react to you so it’s worth spending some time selecting a fragrance that fits in with your persona and sense of individual style.

It’s a primitive thing…

Wearing top quality fragrance will give you confidence, which in turn will give you an increased sense of your own attractiveness. If you start to believe you are more attractive, others will believe it too. Fragrance can be pretty primitive in that respect.

It is a fact that women prefer men who wear a fragrance because they find it more attractive. Going back to caveman times, woman chose a mate using a variety of factors and smell was one of the most important. Still to this day women unwittingly rely on their sense of smell when choosing a partner even if they are unaware of it. Women naturally have a heightened sense of smell and are specifically tuned in to male pheromones. In that respect, scent to women is more important than it is to men.

Making a connection

So strong is our sense of smell that it can trigger memories much more vividly than our sight or touch can because it connects so strongly with our emotions. For example, if your mother has always used the same perfume then it would be almost impossible to smell that perfume and not immediately be reminded of being in your mother’s company.

It’s well known that smell will take you back to times and places in your memory and can trigger off a variety of emotions and feelings. This is why fragrance plays a unique part in the way we remember things.

Create the right image

As we all know, you only get one chance to create a good first impression so if you want to come across as a well-groomed, confident sort of guy then wearing a great fragrance is really going to help.

If clothes maketh the man then his fragrance will serve to confirm that positive first impression. Even away from the world of dating your scent is important. Whether in business, interview situations or any other scenario where you are meeting people that you want to impress, your scent will make a lasting impression, so make sure it’s a good one.

What type of man are you?

One thing to bear in mind is that the same fragrance will not necessarily smell exactly the same on every person. This is because it may react slightly differently on your skin than someone else’s when it mixes with your natural scent. So give some consideration to the type of man you are as this will influence your choice of fragrance. Are you the sporty type, a young professional, a man’s man or an urbanite? Whatever category you believe you fall into; the fragrance you choose should be representative of that image.

Who would have thought that choosing a fragrance could be so complex?!